HDMI to YPbPr + VGA Converter


Basic Color (Customized):
HANK HKCV0102MH is HDMI to YPbPr and VGA converter which lossless video converter designed for security, health care, home user and other field. It can convert video signal into various hdmi resolutions by using sophisticated digital image processing techniques

Technical Parameters


Convert HDMI to VGA + YPbPr


Converts 1 HDMI inputs to 1 VGA/YPbPr and stereo audio output
The converter can recognize the 2 input signals automatically, and you can also select 2 inputs by the source selection button
It can convert HDMI input to RGB/YPbPr/YCbCr output with a 15 pin HD-sub (VGA style) jack.
You can choose RGB or component (YPbPr/YCbCr) output with a switch (VGA  YPbPr)
With analog stereo audio 2.0 output
Supports HD format from 480i to 1080p